Hi, I’m Anita. Born in the UK, I have lived in three countries and now call the USA home. Four years ago I followed my passion and left my successful global corporate career in Sales and Marketing to create a company that develops outstanding leaders, successful businesses, and amazing careers.  I am dedicated to helping people unlock their potential, and increase their performance; and helping companies achieve their business results and diversity goals.  I do this by supporting them as they build a bridge to their aspired future, and develop their wings, the skills and confidence that enable them to fly higher.

I grew up building bridges. I was driven by the belief that I could achieve anything if I decided what I wanted, wanted it bad enough, worked hard enough and persevered long enough. I was ambitious, I wanted a career and to live abroad. I also wanted to have children. I never once allowed myself to believe it wasn't possible to have it all. 

I went to college, got married, had three children, and worked my way up in a thrilling career, traveling the world, working in more than thirty countries – and, yes, living abroad. I never imagined that my drive and ambition would fuel such an amazing, fulfilling career, that I'd be able to soar to such great heights, and I'd be developing bridge building strategies in collaboration with Fortune 200 CEO's; nor did I imagine it would lead me to experience extreme stress, self-doubt and that my high-achiever tendencies would result in me spending less time with those I loved, and more time at work, progressively creating the state of imbalance and exhaustion that led me to reevaluate my career and build a new bridge that would test my flying skills - and profoundly change my life.  

After experiencing being coached I knew I wanted to be a coach. I wanted to help executives successfully navigate and avoid some of the challenges I had encountered. I especially wanted to help people truly connect with their potential. I went back to school and ultimately embarked on this exciting entrepreneurial adventure. Today I'm doing work I love, and I have spent the past 4 years dedicated to developing leaders from all walks of life, sharing tips on how to get better results, increase executive presence, have breakthrough conversations, gain recognition, a raise, change business strategy or career and oftentimes transform an overwhelmed, unfulfilling career into an amazing and impactful one. 

Today, my personal journey as a successful executive and former “perfectionistic overfunctioner” drives my desire to help people lead authentically, get outstanding results and create a fulfilling life that honors what they value most - and avoid burn-out. 


I work with people all over the world who seek a trusted partner to help them tap into their true potential, grow and fly!

My clients are high-achievers who desire  to make a greater impact in their work, life and our world. They  seek to have their voice heard and their contributions valued, to achieve greater success and fulfillment - and are prepared to do the hard work needed to get there.

I partner with corporations of all sizes to develop their leaders, their business and the retention of high-potential leadership talent. 

I also coach private clients locally and globally. 




How it started

When I began training to be a certified leadership coach, experiencing the transformational power of coaching leadership to create progress on adaptive challenges rocked my world. I immediately realized I could help leaders, existing and future, see things differently, make tough decisions, and achieve great things. I realized if earlier in my career I’d had a professional coach I would have been better equipped to navigate the peaks and valleys of my career and leadership ascension. I would likely never have pushed myself to the point of exhaustion.

The answer to fulfilling my dream and purpose

A strong advocate and mentor for women and future leaders throughout my career, I knew Coaching was the answer I had been looking for to facilitate greater career success for mid-to-senior level leaders. By helping them see things differently, be more strategic, better navigate relationships at work and home, and reduce overwhelm, I could get more women in the C-suite and less people risking burn-out. It was the platform on which I could build to achieve my lifelong goal and mission.

An effective tool to support gender parity and retention

Cracking the code of gender parity is an adaptive, not technical, challenge.  A support system and safe space for female leaders to grow and male leaders to learn how to best support them, is a necessity.  

Organizations strive to get more women into leadership positions, yet the reality is many high potential women continue to leave their organizations mid-career,  just when they are adding the greatest value.  Many male executives truly want to support their high-potential female leaders yet lack the  knowledge of what they need and how to offer it.

My coaching is proven to develop male and female leaders and support female talent growth and retention.

Bridges and Wings was created to help mid-to-senior level leaders, and the organizations that believe in them build a bridge to the future they aspire to and the wings that enable them to soar.





I believe we are all a powerhouse within

Yet we get stuck, demotivated. We listen to what others say, our inner critic, and allow ourselves to play small and become disconnected from our power. 

In coaching we will help you reconnect with your passion, find your voice and  reignite the powerhouse within!


I believe we all have infinite potential

 I believe every person has the potential to achieve success, no matter where you start today or where you come from. If you are willing to boldly say yes to what you want and commit time, energy and resources, it's possible!  

In coaching we identify your goals and we build the bridge to them taking many small and giant steps along the way.

Anita Zip lining

I believe success is not about being fearless, but overcoming fear

Yes that's me on the zip line! I believe we are all scared of something and the the best leaders acknowledge and learn to face their fears, they are able to say "I don't know" and be vulnerable enough to enlist support to close their power gaps. 

In coaching we don't pretend to be fearless. We identify the fear, learn to look it in the face and  overcome it!

Time with family is what matters most


My 3 children and cattle rancher husband have taught me the true value of time and how amazingly capable and I can be in managing it when needed!  They have also challenged me beyond belief and shown me I am incapable I am of doing everything and being everything to everyone - and learning that's ok (well, it's ok as long as everybody's has food in their tummies!)

In coaching we don't need to pretend we have it all together, we get REAL, we share the stuff that's holding us back and we move forward with the knowledge of what really matters most in our lives.

Caffeine and conversation change everything


 My grandmother taught me that whenever things get tough, at work or at home, you boil a kettle, pour a cup of tea, and sit down with someone you trust to talk and get a new perspective. Today I truly believe caffeine and conversation have the power to change the world!   

In our coaching sessions we come as we are. 

You can be pumped up, exhausted, and anywhere in between. Bring your coffee, share my tea, and together we will change the world!

What you give is what you get

Anita with April the cow

On our family run, certified grass-fed cattle ranching operation in the Flint Hills of Kansas, my husband has proven how animals, like humans, respond when treated with respect and dignity. I truly see how what you give to the world is what comes back to you. 

If you are in Kansas please come visit our farm.

You can learn more and check out where to buy our beef

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